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A Heartfelt Thank You from Erin

I thankful for my yoga mat
For giving me a place to "get away"
I am thankful for my Yogitoes
So in my sweat, I don't have to lay
I am thankful for my yoga block
My most beloved tool
I am thankful for my water bottle
For keeping me hydrated and cool
I am thankful for the humid heat
As it can cleanse and detoxify
I am thankful for the ceiling fans
For the breeze when I think I will die!

I am thankful for really full classes
When the energy is flowing
I am thankful for smaller classes
When it's intimate and slowing
I am thankful for the seasoned yogis
For their strong breath and perfect form
I am thankful for the new students
For taking chances and stretching their norm

I am thankful for my fellow teachers
Who support and help me grow
I am thankful to my boss, Cooper
For the job, and all the love you show
Most of all, I'm thankful for my students
Who share their strength and kindness with me
Together we found a home at Stray Dog

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!




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